The Defense Council of Western Armenia was founded in the United States of America on August 10, 2005. The council is the principle representative body of Armenians deported from their native regions of Vasbouragan, Daron-Duruperan, Karin-Erzerum and Hamshen-Treabizond.

The DCWA pursues, by appropriate political means, the return to Armenian sovereignty internationally recognized Western Armenian territories amounting to 40,000 square miles (104,000 square kilometers) granted to Armenia by the Arbitration Award of President Woodrow Wilson on November 22, 1920.

The DCWA will continue its efforts until such time, when dispersed Armenian populations are allowed to return to their homeland, under the rule of a democratically constituted sovereign state.

Presently, the representative body is supported by the Compatriotic Society of Garin-Erzerum, the Compatriotic Society of Hamshen-Trabizond, the Vasbouragan Society, Vasbouragan Nor Serund, the Compatriotic Society of Daro-Duruperan, the Compatriotic Society of the Bagaradunis, as well as the Cultural Fund of Khnous. As a result the council has evolved in to a plenipotentiary body of legitimate Western Armenian demands.

Map drawn by the arbitration of President Woodrow Wilson. November 22, 1920.