AGBU Khosnak Magazine Interview with Defense Council of Western Armenia President Michael Sosikian

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Horizon Armenian TV (USA) Reports on Arbitral Award Event

H1 (Armenia) Reports on DCWA event

Yerkir TV (Armenia) Reports on DCWA event



Articles, Letters and Position Papers
Treaty of Lausanne – in favor of Armenia (Speech delivered by Michael Sosikian; July 24, 2012 – in Armenian, PDF)
David Boyajian Letter Addressing Guests at DCWA Arbitral Award Event
Woodrow Wilson Center Article by David Boyajian (external link)
Open letter to Woodrow Wilson Center (PDF)
Open letter to Turkish Minister (in Armenian PDF)
Open letter to Armenia National Assembly (in Armenian PDF)
DCWA Announcement on Protocols (in Armenian PDF)
Open letter to President Sarkisyan (PDF)
Open letter to Presidents of Turkey and Armenia (in Armenian PDF)
Return to Our Homeland (in Armenian PDF) by Michael Sosikian
Open letter regarding Armenia/Turkey protocols (in Armenian PDF)